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We specialize in beautiful stone built houses that blend into the magical landscape of Corfu

Our stone work is second to none and has gained us considerable acclaim over the past few years. Whether you’re looking for a modern home or a luxurious country style house, you can rely on our team to find the best solution for you. Each of our homes is architect designed, both exterior and interior, and a 3D visualization allows you to see your future home in detail right from the start to the moment you step over the threshold of your beautiful luxury home in Corfu. From the initial layout to the end, we ensure that every step is perfect and with a comprehensive turn key solution tailored to your needs your dream home in Corfu is within your reach.


We have completed several projects in Corfu over the past years, including magnificent sea front villas that were built to blend with, and to enhance the spectacular coastal surroundings. Unique to Corfu, we have also completed energy efficient smart homes, a thrilling concept for today’s world. Built from high quality authentic natural materials, and created with the lowest possible impact on the flora and fauna of this beautiful island, these elegant houses are not only an energy saving investment in the future, but comfortable and luxurious family homes.

We pride ourselves on the care we take with our clients, and are dedicated to helping them to understand each step of the construction of their unique built home. Using a range of carefully sourced materials, we offer a complete construction service that considers not only the very special environment of Corfu, but also your special requirements and wishes. Choosing your own beautiful home in Corfu couldn’t be easier, and as you see each step of the construction process unfold your dream will come to life.